Friday, July 31, 2009

July's snapshots

his pj's he picked out to wear

ready for church

dancing his way to church

first taste of the great wall of chocolate cake from P.F Changs

what he looked like when he realized his cape was stuck

my superhero

my goofball


making strombolis

I love his eyes in this picture

me and my hunny

Friday, July 24, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall...

who is the cutest boy of all?...

Today I was getting ready and I kept hearing Alex cooing and talking and I thought that maybe he was playing with Jayden but when I looked out and saw him talking to himself it was too cute. He thought it was hilarious watching the baby in the mirror do what he was doing. I love watching him play he is such a happy and playful baby, it just brings a smile to my face.

monkey joes

I know that I have posted about Monkey Joes a lot but I just think these photos and memories are priceless. They have so much fun here and love to end their play time with a treat! This is probably one of my favorite places to take him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

kick kick kick

Its summertime and for us it means plenty of time playing in and around lots of water, whether we are in the pool, at the beach, or on vacation and Jayden is fearless when it comes to swimming so its time to learn the basics of swimming. He is doing great, he can dive down with a little push to get his dive sticks, he can hold his breath for a little while, and he is a great kicker. I know by the end of the summer he will be swimming for sure!

kick kick kick...

my lil super hero

Monday, July 20, 2009

bye bye beta.... hello goldfish

So there isn't much I can say except Horse(the blue beta fish) is dead. It is sad and Geoffrey somehow thinks that it is my fault so we had to replace him. And what makes more sense than to get 2 goldfish since the beta lasted so long we can definately move up on responsibility;)! Jayden loves his new fish, Jayden's fish is all orange,and Alex is gold and white spots. Hopefully these fish last longer than our poor horse did.

surprisingly the fish made it home safe and alive...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Build a Bear (actually a Horse)

showing each other their new furry friends..

taking Jack home

Alex with his little dog

So today we went to the Altamonte Mall and decided to take Jayden and Alex to do something a little special so we went to Build a Bear. Jayden was all about this and couldn't wait to make his animal. Of course he picked a horse out, what else would he have chose! He picked out a sound, and a heart (full of wishes), to put inside of his horse. He loved washing and brushing his new friend. His face was full of smiles and was so excited when he saw the finished product. We named his horse Jack Wise and his was in LOVE! While daddy was filling out the birth certificate Jayden and I picked out a special friend for Alex one just his size, a soft little puppy that Alex immediately attached himself too. Infact he snuggles it to sleep every night! When the lady handed Jayden the box he got a big smile and yelled "Jack"!! He pulled, carried, and drug that big box all through the mall. It was soo cute

Stuffing Jack

placing his wish inside of Jack

giving him a good scrub

fluffing him up

making his birth certificate

holding Jack while taking another horse for a stroll

camp zion

This Saturday was Jayden's first official primary activity and we traveled back in time to play and cook like the pioneers. It was such a fun activity the cultural hall had tents, blankets, and even a camp fire!! We made ice cream and had a relay race to make butter for our corn. We made smore men and colored pictures of covered wagons. We had a great time learning about the pioneers.

his smore man

watching the relay race

the butter relay race. Look how happy he is to play!!

Shaking our ice cream

the boys working together to make ice cream

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Palm Coast

relaxing with the girls

an after swimming treat with the cousins

a poolside treat

playing ball with daddy

This weekend we (The Wise and Teets clan) headed up to Palm Coast to have some summer fun. It was so much fun, the beach was really nice, and the pool is one of my favorites! We hung out and spent some great family time with each other and let the kids play and swim until they could play no more, it was great! Definately will be visiting there again soon...