Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby ALex is Here!!

Alex Daniel Wise
proud daddy

7lbs 4oz 21 inches long

Baby Alex is finally here!! He is healthy and so precious and is doing great!! He is such a blessing to our family and he couldn't wait to get here... After a quick and fierce 5 hours of labor he arrived healthy and just perfect. It was definately a different labor and delivery experience than what I had with Jayden. It was much faster and a lot more painful....but it was all worth it...;)
will write more details later...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Amazing Wise Family Videos...

Tonight we discovered a new trick of Jaydens and after playing it back we realized that we had a never before seen blooper that is worth sharing...Enjoy the show.....

Geoffrey is working with Jayden on counting and it is really going pretty well. Jayden has realized what numbers come next so instead of repeating the numbers you say he will say the one that comes next, and that is where the magic of the trick is...

***I must caution you that this video is a little long but the ending is where the blooper occurs. And NO Wise Family member was seriously hurt in the filming of this video, it only looks and sounds like it;).(thankfully everyone was just scared and no real Boo Boos occured) It is amazing what you can catch on film though;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Must be Santa...

I saw Jayden kissing Santa Claus...
listening to Santa

I love these hands pictures, so precious

Today we took Jayden to see Santa Claus at the Mall at Millenia. The line was not too long and he did great waiting the 30 minutes to see Santa. He was so distracted by all of the other decorations leading up to Santa that he was pretty good and quiet in line. He was so excited to see Santa and sit on his lap that he could barely stand the wait when he was next in line. He didn't even cry once he was just such a big boy. I love the picture of him looking in Santas eyes because I have one from last year and Jayden's expression is the exact same. I love these memories and look forward to having so many more. And next year there will be 2 little boys on Santas knees.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

maternity pictures

tonight while we were getting our family pictures done I had Katelyn shoot a couple of maternity pictures for us. I just love being pregnant and enjoy everything about it and love my big belly that never stops growing. I am so excited to welcome baby Alex to our family and can't wait until I can hold him in my arms. I am 36 weeks pregnant and am set to be induced on January 9, 2009; which means I have about 3 more weeks left to go...This pregnancy has just flown by and now that the Holidays are here the time will really move quickly. Alex, I love you and we can't wait to meet you. We love you and know that you are truly a blessing to our lives.

family pictures

Tonight for FHE we went to take some new family pictures. Katelyn did a great job and its not easy to do with Jayden these days, he is such a mover all the time. We didn't have much time to shoot before the sun went down but I think that we got some great new pics. Thanks Katelyn for taking the pictures.