Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pictures are priceless...

The girls and I have been talking about taking the kiddies to Picture People for some time now and we finally decided to get it done so that way we would have it for someone's birthday present. This was no easy task, crying, yelling, screeching, run aways were all part of the scene. I thought that the photographer was going to faint when he saw all of us walk in,but he assured us that he would be able to handle it. Well with 3 cheering and dancing mommies in the background, lots of bribes, and one fast photographer we did it.

This was the mood shared by our kiddies... fun huh?

walking through the mall afterwards..

strolling through the mall like two little peas in a pod...

Natalie's 12!! really!

happy birthday to Natalie...happy birthday dear Natalie....happy birthday to you!!! Wow I can't believe it she's 12!! When I first met this sister of mine she was standing in the living room wearing her pj's and drinking a bottle. She was so precious and her and I quickly became friends. I remember telling Geoffrey how I thought it would be so neat if we were still together and I could see her be baptized. Now 9 years and lots of memories later I get to see her become a beautiful young woman. Natalie you are a cool girl, a great roller coaster buddy, fun vacationer, best Aunt, and a hero to these little boys. Happy Birthday and we love you!!

celebrating with Natalie at her Buca Birthday dinner

Alex loved his noodles..

who wouldn't love this face!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

two little cowboys...

Is this the wild wild west?? No, its the Wise Wild Home. This is a common sight around these here parts.. Yep just two brave little cowboys taming some wild mustangs. They love playing horses and cowboys and they have so much fun together. Its so fun to watch them and see their imaginations go.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Natalie's 12!!

Natalie's 12, well almost!! Today is her surprise birthday party and it turned out great! She was so happy and I heard that she had a great time! I love this girl so much and I can't believe that she is ALMOST 12!

Surprise!!! Happy Birthday Natalie!!
I love her face here!
Natalie still kinda stunned about her party
the girls before Natalie arrived...
the dinner table
her candy bar
her cake

every girl got to make thier intial

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!!

Today is my dad's birthday so I decided to take the birthday boy and Alex to Goblin Market in downtown Mt. Dora. We had a great lunch talking and catching up with things. Alex was of course an angel except for a couple of shrill squeaks every now and then. Lunch was delicious! After lunch we headed off back to Geoffrey's office where Jayden was ready and waiting to sing to the Birthday Grandpa and eat some chocolate cupcakes!

Me and the Birthday Boy!! Dad I love you! You are a great dad and a even better grandpa! I love you soo much!
enjoying our cupcakes Yum Yum!
Happy Birthday to you Grandpa!!

Grandpa giving a thumbs up to our singing!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Under the Big Top

I heard that the circus was coming to town so I quickly got online and bought us tickets to go. Jayden was so excited and counted down the days until it was time to see the show. We had great seats(about 5 rows up), and so much fun!! This will definitely become a Wise Family Tradition! We headed to the preshow about an hour before the circus started and got to see elephants paint pictures, clowns, dancers, play dress up, put on our clown noses and tattoos. The boys had a blast, they were both dancing and clapping the whole time. When it was time to go Jayden threw a big fit begging us to take him back in to see the circus again. What a fun day!!

Clowning around before the show...

guess what cowboy Joe spotted right away..
Here comes the funundrum train...
these guys were really good
Alex loved the circus!!!
I think this guy is nuts, the tigers were really big and didn't seem to be listening all that well...
I think a couple more times at the gym and Geoffrey should be able to do this to me..
I was impressed with this girl she was in 3 inch heels
this is probably Jayden's dream job..

Jayden thought it was so neat how they hold each others tails

I wanna be that girl!

Mommy and baby Barack, he was born just a month ago, so cute!
This was pretty crazy, they were doing this right over our heads. It was a little scary when they started flipping around in circles..