Tuesday, November 29, 2011

how elves play

We are very excited that its almost Christmas! The little elves are hard at play around here, they are rehearsing for that special night. Practicing driving the reindeer, setting up the sleigh, and packing up the toy bag, while the giggle all the way.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

This has easily become one of my favorite traditions. I love heading out super early in the morning and getting some great deals. I really enjoy cramming every last package into my oversized car. I love that we shop until we drop and then we shop some more. I love all the girl talk and laughing that happens and I love spending time with my best friends. Thanks for a great day!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving lake house style

This year we had Thanksgiving at the Lake house. It was really fun hanging out there and going out on the lake after dinner. There was lots of food, family, and really full bellies!

Our yummy treats we made for the dessert table.. oreo turkeys, chocolate cupcakes, acorns, and teepee cupcakes.

The little Indian table... you know how you always look forward to eating the feast of food at Thanksgiving? Well these kids don't!! I don't think they ate anything except the treats!
Cheers Jayden!!
playing in the sand with everyone

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

smiley pants :)

I am so spoiled to be able to wake up to this face everyday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful feast

November means lots of things to me like counting your blessings, eating great home cooked meals, getting family together, and now getting to see my lil' guys in holiday costumes! Alex's class were pilgrims and he was one happy and singing pilgrim! He did so awesome singing and would do a celebrity wave to us every now and then. He is becoming quite the performer! And Jayden's class this year was the coolest costume, they were turkeys. Jayden's costume was about as big as he is, and looked like something that you would see on broadway(well almost) He was so excited about the program, and he has been practicing a lot at home. I think the song, Turkey Legs will be forever burned in my mind thanks to Jayden :). I really love their school and all the extra things that they do for the kids. I love that they do things that make the kids feel special. These boys are special and I am thankful for their teachers who make them feel that way too.

After the program there was a "Thankful Feast". Each child brought the food they were most thankful for. Jayden's request for the feast were turkey sandwiches with banana peppers, and Alex asked for chocolate cake(no surprise). The buffet spread was interesting to say the least, full of chicken nuggets, chocolate treats, sandwiches, and various chips. The kids loved it and were proud of the food that they brought.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

1 year old check up

My BABY is ONE! I already think that he is growing perfectly but its time to let Dr. Madden check him too. Landon got a A+ for his healthy body and along with the check up he had to get some shots, 4 to be exact. He did alright but we have been to the Doctor since and let's just say he hasn't forgotten.:)

Landon is... walking well running, climbing, talking, wrestling, laughing. He weighs a hefty 23lbs, he is 2.5ft tall, and has the cutest hairdo you've ever seen!

My sweet boy;) This is the best part about the shots, he sleeps all day!

curls and pjs

It's no secret that I am smitten with this little loud mouth, but who wouldn't be with these curls??? He can be so rotten but one little glance of this curly head and it puts a smile on my heart! Don't even get me started about his new jammies!! Oh I LOVE this kid!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

We are Thankful for...

Our family has so much to be grateful for and to help us remember all those blessings we are constructing a Thankful tree. I really have loved this project and hope to make this a November family tradition. Everyday during the month of November we all fill out a leaf saying something we are grateful for. Some things are big like, our home, daddys' job, our family. But what I really love are the small simple ones like drinks when we are thirsty, or chicken nuggets, or chocolate cake. And some are priceless to me, like snuggling, family days, and our testimonies. By the end of the month we had so many leaves on our tree and every time I would walk by and see the tree it would just bring a smile to me to think of the love that Heavenly Father has for me and my family.

meet Jingle

Meet Jingle our newest family member! He is little, quiet, and always surprising my boys. He has been a blessing to me, and helps to keep my elves in line. They are quick to change their choices when they know that Jingle is watching over us. Sometimes Jingle is easy to find in the morning and sometimes he is playing or eating when they find him! Welcome to the family Jingle!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Heart to Heart

What did Geoffrey and I do while we had a couple of nights away from the boys? Well we spent the night in the hospital!! All week long when I was picturing what we would be doing on our little Universal getaway (sleeping in till 12, eating chocolate cake in bed, riding the roller coasters, couples massage, shopping, going to the movies) I never picture Geoffrey in a hospital gown! Friday morning I woke up to Geoffrey complaining of shortness of breath, chest pain, and pressure I was really worried but he insisted on going into the park and having a good day. We made it into the park and as soon as we got off of the mummy ride, I knew he was sick. I decided that we needed to go to the urgent care, once there we saw his BP was 184/118 and his heart rate was in the 140's. The doctor immediately sent us to the ER where the ER Doctor and Cardiologist assured us they would run every test and told us we would be staying the night. It was a really scary ordeal. The doctor's were telling us all these scary and awful diagnoses(impending heart attack, lung clots, etc). I tried really hard to brave but it was really difficult with the nursing background I have, and the Grey's Anatomy episode we watched the night before(a husband dies because of a heart condition). I held his hand and we tried to be positive the whole time, but it was really hard to see your husband all hooked up to wires and everyone concerned about the one organ that is essential to life. It was not the vacation I was so looking forward too. But we were released on Saturday with a diagnoses of pericarditis. We were both relieved and tired and headed back the hotel to rest for our last night before our trip was over. Unfortunately these are all the pictures I got from this weekend...

we had a beautiful room at the Portofino hotel, but this is where we spent the night.. great accommodations huh?

so glad his heart is healthy!! I love you