Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tonight we took Jayden and Alex to Kid Tropolis. It is pretty much just like Chuckie Cheese except less kids and more room to run around. Jayden loved it and enjoyed playing the football and basketball games with his dad. He loves to throw the balls and loved playing the race car game.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January moments...

These are just some of the many memories that this month has brought to our family....

I love this outfit on him!
the newest hair treatment, chocolate pudding and lots of it!!
playing with his pudding during dinner! yikes what a mess!!

chilling in his crib

story time!

Every morning Jayden insists on Alex coming into bed with him so he can play horses with him, Alex really loves it!;)

5 more minutes mom!! My lazy boys!!

Alex 3 weeks and Jayden 18 months

my little book worm...

my snuggle bug..

Monday, January 26, 2009


the kids waiting for some of that cake!! yummy..

Today is Natalies Birthday!! She is 11 years old!! Natalie is a great sis and aunt and is so much fun to be around! We love her so much and can't believe how old she is getting and how much she is growing up! Happy Happy Birthday, Natalie! We love you!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Strawberry Picking..

Jayden helping Grandpa
Showing Grandma where a strawberry is...

our first family outing! (alex 2 weeks,Jayden 18mo.)

eating off the plant....

the cutest field workers I ever saw!!
The weather has been beautiful lately so we have taken advantage and have been strawberry picking a couple times now. The berries are delicious and it is so fun to pick them. Jayden loves it and knows exactly which ones to get. I think that he eats more than he puts in the box but hey who's counting!:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1 Week Old

Showing off his little dimple, that matches his brothers'

Alex is 1 week old today and I can't believe it!! The days are flying by! It still almost seems not real that he is here because tomorrow I should be getting induced! I think that he looks like a combination of Geoffrey and Jayden. Alex sleeps all the time and really doesn't ever cry unless he needs to eat. ( He is very much the opposite from Jayden) He is pretty much sleeping through the night ( which is awesome!!) and he loves to be snuggled. He is awake a lot during the day and he just slowly takes in his surroundings. He is just a beautiful, healthy little boy, whom we love very much!!!

Go Gators

eating sweet tarts and watching the game..

the littlest gator...

the cutest gator fans!!! Say Cheese....

my favorite gator fans!!

Tonight was the big College Football National Champion Game. We invited Jonathon, Missy, Payton, and Britton to come over and watch it with us. It was hilarious to listen and watch Jonathon and Geoffrey pace around and yell during the game, I thought there was a point that they were going to cry, it was pretty funny. Jayden and Payton looked so cute all outfitted in their gator outfits. The Gators played Oklahoma and beat them 24 to 14!! Go Gators!!! I love college football and can't wait until next season.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This morning I decided to throw Jayden in the shower with me and when I was done I thought that he would be too, but I was wrong.... He stayed in the shower until all the hot water was gone, he was just playing in there, singing, and filling up his cup. He thought he was so big taking a shower all by himself. He was in there for a good 25 minutes, I couldn't believe it. When I finally got him out of there he was freezing and so was the water, but he just didn't seem to mind.

Monday, January 5, 2009

18 months

Jayden is 18 months now and is growing more each day. We just had his 18month checkup today with Dr. Madden and got a big thumbs up!! Dr. Madden said that he is growing great and that he is perfect!! Jayden loves going to see Dr. Madden because he lets him play with all his Doctor Tools. Jayden is 27lbs and 33inches tall. He loves to eat pizza, blueberries, strawberries, cereal, and cookie crisp right out of the box (just like daddy;) ) He loves to watch football, play golf, play catch, go on the golfcart, see the horses at the farm, play with his cousins, and snuggle his new little brother. Jayden is fearless and will try anything once, he is kind to others, and loves to snuggle his mommy and daddy. He likes to sing Wheels on the Bus, popcorn popping, and Old McDonald's Farm. Jayden also loves to read books. I love watching him grow up and learn new things, we are definately blessed to have him.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nursery time...

Today is Jayden's first official day of nursery!!! Yeah!! I know that he is so excited to finally be a part of nursery. Every Sunday he gets so excited when we walk past the Nursery Room, he just loves being in there and playing and learning with his friends. He is such a big boy now and I can't even believe that he is old enough to actually be a part of the Primary program.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brotherly Love

he doesn't even have time to dry off, Alex is crying

Me and my boys!!!

making sure Alex has all of his parts.... Ears...


Jayden is very excited to have his new little brother here!! He thinks he is the best thing! His face just lights up every time he sees him. Alex is the first thing he thinks about in the morning and the last thing that he worries about before he goes to bed. It is amazing to me how much he loves him, I think that he loves him just as much as Geoffrey and I love Alex. Seeing Jayden with Alex is just so precious to me I love watching him hold Alex and sing and kiss him. It just melts my heart. Seeing how sweet and loving he is to his little brother makes me love Jayden even more. I can't wait to watch them grow together and become best friends! I feel so blessed that I have two beautiful and healthy little boys. Jayden you are the best big brother and I love you soo much!!!