Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring break

This spring break we headed to Cocoa Beach to be lazy, lazy, lazy, and maybe a little silly. We had the best intentions to eat lots of popsicles, build sandcastles, play in the pool, and just have fun. And we did just that!! We watched movies together, went shopping, the boys hit the movies with daddy, and we played till our little hearts content! I didn't get great pictures because I was LAZY but that's what spring break is all about!

movie watching...
I just bought Landon his new jammies because his other ones had gotten too small. They were so small his toes were coming out the feet of the other ones!

his old hole-y pjs...

Alex is smiling because somehow he just talked daddy into them all new shoes!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Jayden said to me, "Mom, don't I look great! I match!" Of course I then smile and grabbed my camera to snap a picture of this great outfit!
Alex is such a goofball, and if you know him at all then you know he isn't much of a clothes person. However, shoes are another story! He is obsessed, I really get scared thinking about how much $$ we are going to spend in finish line when he gets older. Back to the picture, when I told him to get dressed so we could play outside he came back like this! He's goofy :)
Another thing about Alex is that whenever he is tired he comes up to and bats his eyes and says, "My eyes are tired" soon after that he falls asleep. I am beginning to think its a form of narcolepsy.
Jayden came and asked me for my phone, when he came back he showed me this picture. I told him I liked it and he said, " I know mom, isn't it cool we have our very own rainbow!" I just love how his little mind works. :)

I need no reason to take a picture of this kid. I just love his little baby self! He is soo yummy to me! I hate how he is growing so fast. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A waffle kind of day...

Waffles are my favorite thing to eat in the morning, well actually I think that I would eat them anytime. I love mine with lots of fresh berries, and whip cream. But the thing I love most is that they make this little one smile. :) Landon loves waffles, chocolate chip to be exact. They just seem to put a smile on his face. Somedays while the big guys are at school, we stay in our pj's all morning and just eat waffles. Its the simple pleasures in life that make great memories!

my waffle buddy...17 months

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It our Lucky Day!

It's St. Patricks day and we have some green plans! We stayed the weekend at the lakehouse and enjoyed every minute of being there! It's like being on vacation without the drive, or the hassle of traveling. We had the whole family over for a green lunch and some fun on the lake! We had pizza, salad, and lots of lots of green treats! This morning the boys woke up to a trail of gold leading them down to this note and treat from the Leprechaun.

the trail of gold...
It's such a treat to have these little boys, they love Holidays and make every one so special and fun for us!
playing in the sprinklers..
he loves to wear his jacket!
playing with Grandma

the boys club...
While the kids were on a boat ride the Leprechaun came and left gold for them to find... They were very excited!! They all love a good treasure hunt!
hunting for gold...

this is gonna be one fun summer!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

sweet snack

I was busily running errands this morning and dragging the boys here, there, and everywhere. As I was leaving JoAnns I saw the big giant ice cream cone and decided to stop running and just enjoy a moment with my little boys. They were very excited to have a treat and even more excited to not be running errands! This morning made me remember it's about the little moments. Its nice to slow down and smile and just enough these messy eaters!

Landon really liked having his own cone!
Alex dropped his cone so I being a good mommy, gave him mine! Aww man!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bed head

Isn't this the hair and face of a beauty? Every morning I put Landon down for his nap and then at 12:20 I wisk him out of his bed and throw him in the car and rush to get the big boys from school. Sometimes there is time for me to tame his mane, and sometimes not! Poor baby!

planes, trains, and automobiles

These boys are always finding new ways to play and entertain themselves. Today they were working hard lining up and counting all of their cars. I was amazed to see how many they actually have! The boys kept calling it their traffic jam! The traffic went from the play room and then zig zagged all the way to the sliding glass doors. It was pretty impressive! However it did make me think, I need to stop buying cars!!

I love seeing them working hard together to accomplish a goal.

go pirates!!

It's here the first game! We are all decked out in our game gear and ready to cheer! Go Jayden go!!

saying the pledge!

running home! Go Jayden!

I really liked seeing how cute they all looked cheering Jayden on...

Landon trying on Jayden's gear, he thinks he is big enough to play!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday treats

I love the slow(er) pace of Sundays. Sundays are still a race to get to church on time and sometimes there are still meetings to attend, but somedays we just get to be lazy and rest! Today we were able to do just that! We took a walk, and ended our night with some ice cream cones! These boys love to add on the toppings!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

opening day ceremonies

Take me out to the ball park.... Thats' right it's here again, Baseball!! We are ready and excited to cheer on our favorite all-star player! Jayden is on the Pirates team this season and he is playing with some of his school friends. He is very excited to get out there and play! Today was his opening day ceremony, the teams get their caps and get to play games at the field. They had face painting and little relay games for them to play. The boys really enjoyed picking the prizes they earned after playing the games.
Jayden, Keagan, Cash (his friends from school), and Ethan his teammate
His team
a true pirate would have a shark painted on his face!
Devin and Jayden

Landon really liked splashing around this little game!

Alex giving the giving the relay a try