Saturday, July 30, 2011


So here we are down in Miami in Key Biscayne enjoying the beach and the beautiful hotel. The hubs and I looking forward to an early night for the kiddos and some delicious dessert and a movie for us and then this happens.... Uuggh!! Can you believe it? Alex slips in the bathtub and needs to get stitches!! I was really hoping that I could just bandage it up with some butterflies but oh no its off to ER we go. So we head to the ER and Alex was really a champ. He was so brave and such a big man.
Before the stitches...
my little taco...he's getting a little nervous now...
almost done...

after.. look how brave! I am so proud of you!

Friday, July 29, 2011

going to Miami

Everyone has a place that they long to be, you know that place that calls to you to visit when you just want to have fun and just let go? Well mine is Miami. I love everything about Miami the shopping, the ocean, the resorts, the spas, and just the family time there. I think its a beautiful place to spend some family time. We love to play in the ocean, swim, tan, nap, and shop here. I would go a couple times a summer if the funds would allow it. It's just my kinda place. ;). So now that you know all that, you can only imagine how excited I was to find out that my hubbie made a spontaneous reservation for us this weekend. I stayed up pretty late packing the whole family so that we could head out early the next morning. We were all so excited when we finally pulled up to the hotel, I think we were all in need of some fun in the sun family time.

We lived in the water when we were there...
Jayden loved using the goggles to find treasure in the ocean

Alex learned that he really can swim without his vest!
"Mom...Dad... I need a snorkle!"
Landon loves Miami too...
look at these brown boys... so cute;)
we ate lots of good food...

and took a fall(more to come about that) but we enjoyed the get better cookies!

and slept almost all the way home! Yay for mommy and daddy!

Hello Key Biscayne! I think I am in love... just beautiful!
not so in love with these guys though..

the goofballs

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

girls camp

It's time to sweat like a boy, be really really hot, and live with bugs. Yep, that's right its time for Girls Camp!! This year I lucked out and I am only going for the day. I actually am kind of sad, even though I really don't like the whole camping in 100 degree weather I am sad to miss out on being with my beehives. I put together a camp treat basket this year filled with smores, toys, water guns, glow in the dark bracelets, and lots of snacks. Happy camping girls!

Their color was yellow this year and they value was good works, isn't it cute?
The Eustis cabin so cute!

Our camp director...
This is Jenna and I have known her since she was 2! I used to babysit this little girl. It's crazy to think that years ago I would braid her hair, dress her up, and play tea parties with her! Where does the time go?! Now she is a beautiful young women, who is just about taller than me!

This was the non skit-skit. It was based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding hood. No matter how hard we try the skit is never our strong event. Next year year...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

window cleaning?

People sometimes ask, "how do you do it? How can you keep up with all the chores and errands? You must be so busy." Well the answer is Yes. I am ALWAYS busy running like crazy, but sometimes I get a little help doing household chores for example...

See now aren't the windows looking clean!! You missed a spot Landon!!;)

Summer I love You!

These pictures just say summer to me! They just make me smile and happy when I see them. I am so excited about summer time this year and can't wait to see all the fun we will have!

Summer means sticky popsicle faces!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy birthday/ July 4th!

Every year for Jayden's birthday we head down to the Ritz Carlton in Orlando and celebrate the holiday. They have soo many fun activities for the family and the best part they are all free! We went swimming, got our faces painted, played games, ate lots of carnival treats, and watched the fireworks. The kids had a blast and Jayden asks me all the time, "When can we go to my birthday hotel?"

swing batter batter swing
go Alex!
These kids stood in line for like an hour and waited patiently to get their faces done. They can't even hold still long enough for me to do their hair! go figure!

love seeing this
I could eat this baby up! He's so yummy!
His favorite part of the day presents!!

the petting zoo
some of the many treats...
he's delicious!
making shamu balloons

getting ready for the potato sack race

GO Jayden GO!

playing the carnival games...
Jayden trying his best at the pie eating contest!
Go Jayden GO!!
His blue ribbon for the pie contest

The birthday boy watching his fireworks
My all American boys!

Waiting for the fireworks

His blue cupcake