Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

first day of school

It's here...the first day of school!! My boys are really happy and have been counting down for weeks now. Boys you are such big boys, I hope this year is a ton of fun and you learn lots of new and exciting things. You boys are the best!!
walking up to school, they had an apple muffin for their teachers on the first day

Jayden already really hard at work, he was such a big guy. When I left I was a little teary eyed knowing that 5 out 7 days he is here at school now:(

Alex was a little nervous about me leaving, but was fine after some encouragement..

Candlelight smore's

These pictures are really blurry and dark but they put a smile on my face just thinking of the deliciousness of the chocolate ganache I made. Really it was a pretty awesomely messy dessert but it was totally worth it. Even though I could eat the ganache all by itself I made a plate of strawberries, pretzels, bananas, pound cake, and of course marshmallows. Because Jayden keeps insisting on roasting marshmallows I broke out 2 candles and sticks and we went to town. The boys were messy and loved eating as much chocolate as they could. I am already counting down until I make this again, it was that good.

man of the house

We were all in the car heading out to run errands when I hear this conversation going on in the backseat... "Hey Alex, did you know that we are the man of the house?" Alex shakes his head, "No" Jayden proceeds to explain, "Yeah when Daddy's not here we get to be the man of house and help mommy. Isn't that cool, Alex?" Alex, "o-yeah"
I love hearing these conversations from my little men! They just crack me up! Jayden and Alex you are the MEN of the house while daddy's away, and I am lucky to have two brave strong boys to help me!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Grocery getters

I am sure that most of you moms out there can relate to these pictures of loaded down grocery carts full of midgets and not so many groceries. I used to hate going to the grocery store not because of the companions I had but because I was not a fan of cooking. Well now that I have 4 hungry boys it is a necessity to go at least once a week. The boys usually love going with me and bagging up the fresh produce, then stopping by the bakery for the free cookies, and then over to the deli to pick out their sandwich toppings. The trips aren't always the easiest and more times than not I end up with things I didn't want, but the boys are learning while we shop so its worth it. Today we ordered some subs and while we were waiting Jayden wanted to take some pictures with my phone. And this is what he got....

This picture cracks me up for 2 reasons... the first being that I look ridiculous, and the second is the on-looker in the background. She clearly is not amused by my monkeys as much as I am. When I noticed her face in the picture I tried to think why she would be scowling at us and I just can't figure it out, the boys were all being really good and besides the impromptu photo shoot they were just hanging out. The shot also made me realize that I bet there are a lot more scowls from people that I don't see. And what do I think about it?? Who cares!! I love my sometimes rowdy, crazy, always messy crew!! In fact I think I feel a grocery run coming on...

see the biggest cart and still is mostly full of kiddies rather then groceries! See my personal shoppers...
My shopping cart even comes with chauffeurs

So Random....

This is what we have been up to lately....

eating lots and lots of popsicles

hanging out on the lake

playing super heros

new dos...

napping with friends

adopting new pets(even if it is only for a week)

learning to write

and just plain hanging out...

camping in the backyard

and falling asleep early...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Magic Bubbles

Today we made bubbles. The boys loved helping me make them and they really loved trying to blow bubbles using different kind of wands. We tried pipe cleaners, and then a sand sifter. Its' great to learn and they love being little scientists.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM

The official first day of school is about a week away and what better way to end the summer than with a back to school pool party. I decided to do a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Party. This book has been one of our favorites for a while now and it just seemed like an appropriate theme. And let's be honest I will throw a party for any reason using just about any theme. So we raided Grandma's house (while she was on vacation) and got our party on..

We had a blast playing and swimming with friends. And the moms really enjoyed hanging out together too. Everyone brought their favorite back to school snack and I made a really yummy summer salad.

decorating cups...

enjoying an ice cream sandwich

Saturday, August 13, 2011

He loves me..He loves me not...

HE LOVES ME!!! My hubbie is out of town this weekend and imagine my surprise when these arrived at my door! They are beautiful and made me feel loved and very special. Thank you honey I love love love you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

wrong number...

Tonight at around 9:30 the phone rang and as usual when Geoffrey doesn't know a number he hands it to me to answer. Before I could even get a whole "Hello" on the phone the voice of a old, worried man began to ask for the pastor to pray for his Vickie who is sick in bed, after I explained to him that he must have the wrong number he seemed really embarrassed and a bit frustrated so I quickly asked him what was wrong with his Vickie. He then told me how she was really sick to her stomach and he was really worried and maybe even a little scared. At first the nurse in me came out and I made sure he was keeping her hydrated, comfortable, and asked him if she was getting worse to go to the hospital. He assured me he would and then I told him that I would pray for her tonight in my prayers. The old man paused for a second and quickly told me how grateful he would be if my family would do this. I assured him we would and then we hung up. I was a little teary eyed when I hung up the phone thinking how much he loved his wife and I was hoping that I brought some even if just a little comfort to this husband in need. When I was telling Geoffrey the story of the phone call he quickly asked, " did you ask if they wanted a blessing?" I was surprised by his question and to be honest it didn't even enter my mind to ask. I have thought a lot of this phone call in the last couple of days and mostly because I wander if it might have been Heavenly Father reminding me that I STINK at missionary work and, that I as well as my family should always be ready to share the gospel. I did however put her name of the prayer list at the Temple and I have kept her in my prayers these last couple of days. And I will be more prepared to hand Geoffrey the phone next time, to test his skills.:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

school shoes

I can't believe that summer vacation is over!! I'm so sad... It almost make me cry to think that Jayden actually has to go this year full time!! I hate it! I want more mommy days, PJ's-all-day days, and just do whatever we want days. I hate that school kinda owns us now. Anyways, to make us all feel better we hit the shoe store to get some new kicks for school. The boys were way excited they love love love new shoes! They knew exactly what they wanted and were even more excited to show daddy their shiny new shoes.

Alex picked out some black Nikes.

Jayden chose some Captain America Reeboks (the salesman assured me they were really cool, I had my doubts but, for the rest of our mall outing I heard older boys talking about them. So good choice J.)

Cousin Photo shoot

While all the cousins are in town we decided to throw together an impromptu photo shoot while playing at the lake. The kids did great, they listened and laughed long enough for us to get some great pictures.

Our shuttle to and from the photo shoot
one of the reasons they smiled through the pictures;)

the big kids
I know he thinks we're all nuts...