Monday, December 8, 2014

My little pony...

Look who's growing a ponytail...   Can't wait for it to be enough to hold a hair bow.

Monday, November 24, 2014


So... I'm thinking my sweet little dreamer wanted out of her crib! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fun running

Today was the fun run at the boys school. Landon,Maya,and I spent all morning at the school cheering on our favorite runners. Alex and Jayden did great running and even let Landon and Maya make a couple of laps with them. Landon and Maya did their best to pass out waters to help keep the runners good and hydrated! 

Practice practice practice

Having three boys has brought lots of fun to our home. Baseball has quickly become a fan favorite around here. The boys all love to go out and play together, even dad gets some hitting practice in occasionally. They are encouraging to each other, help each other, and try to teach each other new skills. Watching them play makes me smile, I can see them doing the same thing 10 years from now. 

When Landon is bored while he waits for his turn to bat, this is what he does..;)

The boys preparing for daddy to hit some balls... I have to admit that I would be hiding except I am responsible for pitching to him!

Date crasher..

Tonight Geoffrey and I had a crasher on our date! Jayden insisted on coming out with me tonight, he would not let me leave to go on my date without him. Normally, I would of insisted he stayed home but tonight the thought of him yearning to be with us just pulled a little tight on my heartstrings. I was the luckiest girl having these two handsome guys take me out. They both held my hand, made me feel special and made the night great. I'm not sure how much longer he'll want to hold my hand in the mall, or sit by me at dinner, or care about going places with me but I hope it's always. 

One last Harry hoorah!

Taylor has almost 2 weeks before he leaves for his mission and before we send him away for 2 years we thought we'd go have some Harry fun! We had a great time at universal with him and Andrea. We played all day and rode lots of rides, laughed a lot, drank some butter beer, and then had an incredible dinner at Victoria & Alberts. We will miss having all this fun with him but can't wait to see how much goodness he will bring to those he serves! We love you Taylor!

Landon loves Taylor! They act like brothers and love spending time together. He will be one sad curly top when Taylor leaves. 

Mommy days....

Mondays,Wednesdays, and Fridays are mommy days and each week they are some of these little guys favorite. It's not that we do crazy exciting things, in fact it's more of just the opposite. We hang out in there pjs, Landon normally has crazy hair, and in between errands we play and laugh. This year is my last year of mommy days with Landon and I am loving every second of it! These two are becoming the best of friends and seeing their friendship build melts my heart. 

Alex's first field trip

It's field trip day... Yay!! Off to the zoo I go with a bus full of very rowdy kindergarteners! There's this one handsome guy though I'm so excited to get some mommy time with. Alex has done great in his first year of school and has stolen most of the girls hearts already. Today was very fun to see him be such a leader and example in his class. I love getting to watch him grow up. 

One terrific kid!

So proud of this little man! He is such a hard worker and a great student. His teacher said he earned the award for his good example to his classmates and his willingness and enthusiasm to learn new things. He couldn't of made me more proud. Such a brilliant little man!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Moving on up... Our new nest!

Today is the big day!!! We are so excited to be calling this home our new nest! Geoffrey and I have searched for over 3 years to find our new home. We have looked in other cities, stalked some foreclosures and finally found this beauty. It has more than enough space for our family and will be the place where many memories will be shared. I can't wait to make some memories here. When I look at this house, I see a home where Geoffrey and I can live forever. I can see the kids friends playing outside in the 5 acres, pretending they are explorers. I can see them all dressed up for a dance and posing on the staircase with their dates. I am looking so forward to the future here.  This home was truly a blessing from our Heavenly Father. After searching for so long we finally found a house in Sanford that we were going to put an offer on. When Rick(Papa) heard about it he immediately went to this neighborhood and searched for a house for sale. After knocking on a door and asking a neighbor if anyone was moving he was told about this house. He slipped his number in the mailbox and that same day I went to check it out. As I toured the home, I just felt at home. Later that night Geoffrey walked through the home and later that night the deal was made. It was an incredible deal that I know was all because of Heavenly Father.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Honor roll

So proud of this boy! First 9 weeks completed in First Grade with Honor Roll! Way to go Jayden! Keep up the hard work!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween fun at school

Today is the Halloween party at Landon's(or should I say Luke Skywalker) school and baby sis is crashing in on the fun! Landon is such a good brother to let her tag around with him today. He watches over her and makes sure she is doing what she's supposed to.

She's soo excited to be a part of the class! (Of course all the treats help)

Me with some of the other Moms. These girls are great!

Landons crew! (Annabella, Adam, Landon, Addison, and Ryan)  He will miss them all so much when they move onto Kindergarten next year!

This is Ms. Kim Landon's teacher. He loves her and has been with her for two years now. I am not sure what he's gonna do when he changes teachers next year! Her birthday is Halloween so we decided to throw a party together to celebrate! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Birthday boy

Happy Happy Birthday Landon dear! He's 4!! Not sure where the time went and how we got here but its arrived and he's so happy to be another year older! I love everything about this kid! From the curls down to his toes, he's perfect! He's got spunk, smarts, lots of laughs, and his raspy voice and big eyes melt my heart in seconds! I love you to the moon Landon!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cocoa beach

Beach house fun!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Disney boat 2014!

We love our Disney Boats!! I think the whole family would agree that our cruises are everyones favorite. The cruises are great for so many reasons but I really enjoy the family time that we all have during this vacation. I love that we are able to explore new places and that we are outside away from technology. On this cruise we visited Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Mexico, and Xacaret Park(which is our favorite place in Mexico). There are so many things to do there, and the kids love the underwater caves and all the animals there. This year we went on a fun Halloween cruise which was filled with spooky activities. It was such a great trip and can't wait for the next one!