Friday, March 8, 2013

Fans in the stands...

Tonight was Jayden's opening game of the season. He played so great, had some really big hits, and ran super fast. He was also so excite because Missy, Payton, and Britton came to watch. He was so excited he slid into base every time! Alex,Landon and Britton were excited too; they kept yelling go Jayden go! The whole game!

Love notes

Geoffrey has been working so hard lately to close on his building. He is such a great example to our boys of hard work. And tonight I thought that I would give him a little love:)

Cocoa beach

Finally we are able to visit the beach house again! We are all so excited to be here! We are enjoying playing in the sand and splashing around the pool and just hanging out. Today the boys found the perfect spot to play, a huge hole! They had a blast playing in it!

I'll do it myself!!

Landon is nothing if not determined, he will do anything to accomplish what he wants. This morning it was making his own chocolate milk. I asked him to wait but his little self decided to make it himself. Good thing the milk was a new carton, I could only imagine the mess if he'd been able to pour it!;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lowe's workout

I had to run to lowe's today for some things and these lazy boys made me push them through the store like this! Good thing I needed some cardio today:)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

6 months

I can't believe how soon our sweet baby girl will be here! This pregnancy is going by so quickly! I am feeling much better now and except for being tired I feel great! This little girl seems to be not as rowdy as her big brothers, so I am hoping this means she will be easy going :) I am so excited for my little princess to arrive! Only 3 more months!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little rookie

This little rookie just cracks me up! Landon wants nothing more than to be like his brothers. He is so intent on learning baseball now, he wants to practice all the time. Anything to be like his big brothers


Just came home from date night to see that my bed has been hijacked by these 3 snugly bed bugs!! I just love them! Although these bugs are quite snugly I think I will be sleeping in the guest room;)

Spring cap ceremony

It's that time again! Jayden has been begging to play baseball this season. Alex has decided to sit these season out but I think wants he sees Jayden play he will miss it. This season Jayden is on the Red Sox and I am loving the navy and red outfits! He is really so cute all dressed out in his uniform and he is really determined to play hard so he can be as good as his dad was!;)