Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two peas in a pod...

watching daddy tee off...
my turn daddy...
When the weather is good and its not too late when daddy gets home, we like to go to grandma's and pa pa's house to brush up on our game;).  ( mommy usually just tags along to cheer on her golf pros).  Jayden loves doing this with Geoffrey he thinks the world of his daddy when they do big boy stuff like this.  Jayden is really smart, he watches daddy first, takes it all in every detail and then when its his turn he can mimic Geoffrey exactly.  After a few times of hitting the ball with his plastic club he decides that he needs the real thing and snatches daddy's club.  I love going and watching them play together, it is so special to watch them. I love the nights on the golf course.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A new toy

daddy and grandpa putting it together
is it ready yet, grandpa??
jayden trying out his new toy

My parents brought over a surprise tonight for Jayden.  And when grandpa brought it in and Jayden saw the picture he knew just what it was.  All he needed to see was the slide and he was sold!! Daddy and Grandpa couldn't put it together fast enough for him, he was just too excited.  He loves this climber, and he is fearless when it comes to playing with it. He jumps off the side, goes down the slide head first, flips off the back, he does everything he can to give mommy and daddy a heart attack.  Thanks grandma and grandpa for the great gift!!! 

Monday, August 25, 2008

We're having a...

So today we had our ultrasound and Baby Wise is a....


Yes thats right its a boys club at this Wise Family home. I am so excited that Jayden will have a brother and I do love my boys!! The ultrasound went great and everything is measuring right where it should be. His little heart is stong, and was there just beating away at 145bpm. He already has a personality too, during the u/s he was waving to us, kicking away, and when he had cooperated just enough he turned around as if to say, "that's all folks!! No more pictures!" After the u/s we finished the morning by doing our family tradition, which is going to Babies R Us (which is a pregnant girls dream;)) and picking out an outfit for the new baby. I like to pick out the homecoming outfit for the baby but I just couldn't find anything that I thought was special enough so I bought a church outfit for him instead. Then we went to Five Guys Burgers and Frys, which I am sure is now part of the Wise Family Ultrasound Tradition. I am soo excited and feel so blessed to be bringing another little missionary into this family.

Waving hello to everyone!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Picaso

Everything needs a taste test first;)!

My artist hard at work
Jayden has really started to become a little copy cat lately. Whatever I am doing or daddy is doing he needs to be doing it too. So today while I was planning for my activities meeting he saw mommy hard at work and just knew he needed to do his work too. After a few minutes I looked down and saw his first little masterpiece;). What a good little artist!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

pregnancy update

Well its official, there is definately a baby in my belly. Geoffrey and I have felt Baby Wise moving and kicking! I love these small, soft reassurances that everything is going well in there. At first I was so sick that I just knew that everything was ok and then once that subsides it almost seems as if nothing is in there, and then you feel it, those soft little flutters that make your heart just melt;). I started feeling the movement at 16 weeks which is right on track with what I felt with Jayden, and then today (17wks) Geoffrey was able to feel it too (which he was so excited about, he was smiling so big). Every time that I feel those little kicks it makes me in awe that I am pregnant again. I just can't believe it. I can't wait to see this little one.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

family vaca pics continued..

me and the crab I caught
before the wave...
after the wave...
my handsome boys

family vaca photoshoot

A family Vacation

Geoffrey Wise the Crab Hunter
trying to be like daddy
Geoffrey and his crab
Jayden checking out the critter
Bird watching with Jayden
This week we have taken a trip to Cocoa Beach with just Geoffrey, Jayden, and I. We are having so much fun being here together, we love having good family fun. We arrived on Monday and are leaving on Thursday and although we wish we could have a few more days of summer fun we are grateful for the time we had. We have spent our days playing at the beach, boogie boarding, crab hunting, chasing birds, splashing around in the pool, taking afternoon naps, and just having fun. The beach down here is pretty fun, the waves have been pretty big, perfect for daddy to boogie board. Along the shore though there are tons of crabs, if you look down the beach you will see them scouring around, and what better thing to do then catch them. This has become a favorite thing of daddy and Jayden to do. Geoffrey takes this pretty serious and is pretty selective on the crabs he goes after, it is so hilarious to watch, because Geoffrey gets them out of their holes and then chases them into the waves and then he spends about 10 minutes sifting through the water. He has become quite the Crab Hunter, and Jayden thinks he is awesome when he brings the critters over to us. I even got in on the action and caught one on my first try!! Until Geoffrey let it escape!! We have made some precious memories here and can't wait to come back and visit.

Jayden's blankie

Jayden has a small thing for ducks, if its yellow or if it flys its a duck. Chicken, bird, rooster its all a duck to him. So I had an idea to find some duck fabric to make him a blanket because he loves to snuggle. And when I was in Joanns I found the perfect fabric, and once he saw it he was hooked. He kept yelling in the store, "duck! duck! duck!" So while he was napping I made a no sew blankie for him and when he woke up and saw it he was so excited. He carries it around the house and he keeps an eye on it at all times. I am so glad that we have a blankie that screams Jayden, and that he loves it so much.