Friday, June 29, 2012

Grand Cayman fun

We have had such a great time in Grand Cayman!! We have spent every minute playing, swimming, splashing in the ocean, snorkeling, and seashell hunting. My boys and I are dreaming of living here... if only... 

Jayden and Alex got to go sailing with Papa and Grandma. The boys had fun on the catamaran and they even went on an adventure, they almost made it to Cuba!

One day we charted a yacht and  it took us to several places around the island. We went to stingray city, starfish point, and a reef to snorkel. On the way back we were able to rope swing off the boat. Jayden had a blast! I tried it a couple times and it actually was fun!

Natalie and Brianna paddle boarding. Geoffrey and I were able to go too and it was really beautiful! I would do it everyday. I have to say that I was pretty good too, I was much faster than Geoffrey! ;)
Lounging on the boat...

Starfish point had these amazing starfish. They were so cool, it was really neat to see them so big and alive.

The boat had a hammock too.  Everyone jumped at the chance to lounge in it! Here's Jayden and Papa catching some sun.

Because Papa had a hurt knee, I rented this scuba jet to help him snorkel. It was fast and cool and just the thing to make Papa snorkel. Even Alex got to go with Papa on the scuba jet.

Boat jumping...

Jayden and Daddy  using the scuba jet...

Daddy, Jayden, and I all took a jump off the top of the boat. It was a bit higher than it looked but my little Shamu trainer wasn't scared.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

grand cayman cont...

So...we made it!! We are here in a tropical paradise! I don't think me and my boys will ever want to leave! The boys did great on the plane rides, they are the best travelers! Here's some snapshots of our trip.. 

This is stingray city! I have never seen stingrays this large, and I definitely didn't know they could be so sweet and gentle. It was so intimating to be in the water with 20 large stingrays, but it was unforgettable   too. It was really neat to feed them.

Papa got an exclusive Grand Cayman spa treatment a stingray massage.
here stingray..stingray...hungry? Alex has a stinky squid for you...

I reserved a canopy at the beach because even though its a beautiful place the sun was HOT! These boys were loving the bed and the snacks!

The Ritz had these floats out in the ocean, it was a favorite place to be for our boys. The only problem was they were tethered in about 10 feet of water. To say we got a water work out would be an understatement. ;)

Just like his Daddy!;)

On our way...

Alex the pilot! He was able to sit in the captain's seat.