Saturday, February 28, 2009


For FHE this week we took our family to the Temple to walk around the grounds and let the boys see the it in person. I really want Jayden to recognize the Temple and see how special it is to our family. He can point out a Temple in picture so it was no surprise that as soon as we pulled in the parking lot he said in an excited voice, "Temple, Temple" it was so sweet. As we walked around the grounds we pointed some things like Moroni which he thinks is Jesus, we showed off the beautiful windows of the brides room, and the fountains of course. We watched members go inside and talked about how you have to be reverent inside. We talked about how you can pray in the Temple and how Heavenly Father listens to us. We ended our little tour with a family prayer. It was such a sweet and special FHE evening I couldn't help but feel such strong gratitude for the blessings I have. Even though we didn't go inside we felt such a loving, reverent spirit and I think that even my boys noticed the feeling and the magnitude of this special place.

Daddy talking to Jayden about the Temple

Mommy teaching about the temple

February Pics

Alex 8 weeks

playing horses one of his favorite things

Thursday, February 26, 2009

monkey joes

having so much fun!!

climbing up a slide

This place is a mothers dream!! I wish that I would of found this place earlier, its clean, cheap, and so much fun. Missy, Katelyn, and I started our weekly fieldtrip at Monkey Joes in Apopka. The kids had a blast and just ran and jumped on everything, they would just go from one slide to another, from one jumper to the next. The three of them love being together and have so much fun exploring new things together. We are definately going to become regular joes at Monkey Joes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

our Sunday treat

I am trying to do more family things on Sunday so today I decided to bake cookies with Jayden. We made the best chocolate chip cookies and Jayden loved adding all the ingredients in the mixer.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Gym

eating his treat on the way home..
rolling around in the tube

the ball pit his favorite place

our little jumpers

attempting the balance beam

Saturday we met up with Macie,Michael,and Katelyn at the My Gym in Lake Mary for their grand opening. The kids loved it, they had a blast using all of the equipment. They loved the ball pit and the trampoline. Jayden had fun walking and climbing the balance beam and challenging his motor skills. He also loved the ice cream on the way out!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to me!! Today I am 25!! yikes!! I cannot believe that I am this old its just crazy!! This year I had a great birthday. Thursday night the whole family got together at the farm to eat and celebrate with me. We had fettucine alfredo, my favorite salad, and a DQ ice cream cake! Yum! It was so sweet that everyone celebrated with me it made me feel so special. My birthday day started off opening some gifts like my new tennis shoes! and then it was off to Lindas to drop off Jayden so Geoffrey and I could go shopping and spend the day together. Geoffrey and I had a great day we shopped a little and ate at California Pizza Kitchen, and then went to see a movie( The confessions of a shopaholic) after the movie we picked up Jayden then ate pizza and had PF Changs chocolate cake. It was a great day and my boys really made me feel special.

Jayden feeding mommy her cake!

PF Changs chocolate cake makes the best birthday cake!

my birthday!

A birthday kiss!

My new tennis shoes!!

The birthday girl is 25!!

my flowers from my boys!! They just put a smile on my face!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Pics

Its a Holiday so you know what that means...Photo shoot time!!!

19 months old
6 weeks old

exchanging their "I love you's"

a Valentines kiss

bed head

Here's how I can tell how good Jaydens nap is... The bigger the bedhead the better the nap!!

bed head

Check out this bedhead boy!! This is what Jayden looks like after a good nap! I can always tell if he slept good by the hair. The bigger the bed head the better the sleep!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

You might have the flu if.....

your laundry room looks like this...
or this....

or if you look like this:(...
Lets just say that we have been really sick around here. In fact I thought of burning down the house just to kill all the germs!! Yuck!!