Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Hospital Pictures

Our time at the hospital was spent loving on our new little one and seeing our family...Here is one of the first family photos. Trying to get everyone looking at the camera is hard work!
Grandma and Grandpa ...
All the boys and Great Grandma Luce
the big brothers enjoying the perks of having a baby...
Big cousin Payton and Landon.. and guess what he's brown like her!

Grandma and Landon just a couple minutes old
Our first picture with our little brown bear Landon
Papa and Natalie checking out Landon..

meeting the brothers..

The boys couldn't wait to meet their brother and came up later that night to meet him. They both were really curious and wanted to hold and love on him. It's amazing how they just love him so much, and are really concerned about him and just want him to be safe and happy. They are such good boys and I know they will be the best big brothers!!

Alex getting his turn to hold his new brother

Jayden's turn to hold his new brother...
Alex playing with new truck from Landon..
Landon brought Jayden the real batman car!!
and Jayden and Alex brought Landon his birthday donuts and balloons with special cards..
opening their presents from their brother..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome baby Landon!!

Today is Baby day!! This is us waiting to start the induction. It's around 10 am and we are just hanging out, ready to get this party started!!
Now it's 11:30 and we are just hanging out, daddy is watching football and college game day, leaving the girls to hunt for good food recipes, and make girl plans while the boys are skiing.
It's around 1:30 and I am trying to get some exercises in before this baby comes... No seriously this is right before pain started and and the epidural came into the picture...
Daddy of course on his phone....
It's around 4:00pm and this is the last picture before baby Landon makes his appearance. He came so fast. I was in labor for really like 3 hours and that was it. These last 24 minutes were really a blur to me, one minute I was telling my dad it would be hours since I was just a 5cm and the next minute(literally) the nurse was yelling to Geoffrey to hit the emergency red button and calling for help and the doctor! I remember how quickly everyone was moving to get the room ready, the warmer wasn't warm, the baby area wasn't set up, and the doctor was running in, and all this was happening and the epidural wasn't keeping up with the pain, but then the next minute....
this was all I saw...
our healthy and hairy baby boy Landon....

He was 7.1lbs and 19 1/2 long and I was in love!!!

Here we are with Dr.Zittel (who I think is the greatest), behind those smiles we are all thinking, what just happened here? Is he really here already?

The new little man who has just stole my heart!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Britters Birthday!!

making his Birthday wish!!
eating cake and ice cream
this is Alex really unsure about the whole big loud tractor ride...

Britton and Jayden in the tractor
Today is Brittons' birthday and after preschool we headed out to Missy's moms house for a tractor party. The kids all had a blast and loved taking turns driving and digging with the big tractor. They ate pizza, and played in the water and sand. Britton had a great time and they all loved celebrating with Britton! Happy Birthday Britters!

Preschool Party

Today the boys had their preschool fall party. I think that all the kids had a great day and really enjoyed the cookies that I sent for them to decorate. Everyone really liked dumping out all the sprinkles and eating the frosting. Jayden and Alex also thought it was really cool to pass out their treat bags to all their friends.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Tonight we carved our pumpkin and this year we knew just what to make...
the boys took turns cleaning it out...
and daddy stenciled our design....
and this is what we chose this year...the bat signal (of course)

these are the pumpkins they made with my parents..