Wednesday, February 29, 2012

crazy days

Sometimes I just have to let them be crazy, no rules (well maybe a couple) and just let them play. It was sprinkling today so I pulled out their umbrellas and let them run around. They both crack me up how silly they can be. They are such fun and free spirits. Every now and then they just need to be crazy. Landon would of joined them if he wasn't napping. I am sure he would love to run around with underwear on his head too!

Monday, February 27, 2012

hair cut

Okay so I have been home not even 24 hours and this is what happens!! AHHH, can I please go back to sitting in the spa!! These boys are in soo much trouble! They decided to give each other a haircut. Jayden was smart and only let Alex cut his hair twice, but Alex on the other hand wasn't so lucky. He looks ridiculous! Somehow Jayden's kid scissors cut his hair to the scalp, and he is very lucky he still has his ear, because Jayden cut his one sideburn clean off! I love these boys but I am not loving their choices right now!!

never a good sign...
This is the best fix I can do. I cannot make myself cut it any shorter! He is just going to look like spotted leopard until it grows...

at least they still love each other. These two are a mess, they were so bad tonight but they stick together!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

viva las vegas!

We made it!! We are in Vegas for 2012 girls trip. We left really early in the morning, our plane left at 6am! We didn't want a single minute of this trip to go to waste, so as soon as we landed we headed out to have some fun. We all look forward to this trip all year, and are beyond excited that we are stroller free! We are ready to eat lots of treats, hit the spa, have uninterrupted girl talk, and make some memories.

My new favorite place, Serendipity! If I could I would order takeout and have it shipped to me! It was just that yummy! We ate here at least 4 times! It was so cutesy and just a fun environment. The food was delish and everything I ate seemed to be yummier than the food before. I am drooling now just thinking of it!
walking the strip, here we stopped to see the fountains at the Bellagio.

another stop at Serendipity...just one of many for us!
just being silly...
my favorite place... the spa at the Wynn was incredible! It was just what these mammas needed! We spent almost 2 days here!

Infront of the Wynn, this hotel is beautiful. The lobby looks like something out of a fairytale. The weather was beautiful and the no humidity made our hair styling as easy as pie. We stayed right across from the mall, which was another positive. One day we spent at least 45 minutes in the bag department as Macys. The time was well spent because we all came out with some fabulous new bags!!
Here we are with some of the Cake Bosses (pastry chefs/reality stars on TLC), Missy and Katelyn were not sure who they were but I knew and was happy to say hello. We ran into them in the Palazzo at Del Monicos ( a yummy steakhouse, that Geoffrey made me promise we would eat at). The food was delicious and the ceasar salad was the best I have ever eaten. It wasn't Missy's favorite place but she made due with her tomato soup/grill cheese! Yea that's right she ordered grill cheese at a steakhouse! In Katelyn's words, "she has cheap tastebuds!" But we love her for it!;) After dinner we headed with our really full bellies back to the Wynn to catch the show Le Reve. This show was amazing!! We had really great seats only 2 aisles up and could see everything! It is incredible what these performers can do, flipping and flying through the air and, then diving deep into the water. Just breathtaking!

One of the many treats we treated ourselves too. Our dining went a little like this... Breakfast, Lunch, snack, Dinner, and then much much later appetizers and dessert again. I never eat like this, but it was really fun to let go and eat desserts twice a day! I mean who wouldn't want to eat this cake twice a day?!
We saw this statue in the aquarium at the Mandalay Bay and I couldn't resist to snap a picture of Katelyn and her belly! Look same, same!
We also took a gondola ride through the Venetian. I have never done this before and it was very touristy but it was fun and our guide was really good at singing. It was also nice for our feet to rest a little bit. We are working up our appetite for another treat. After our ride we hit the Grand Luxe, its like cheesecake factory but so much better! Then we headed to the stratosphere to see the strip from the sky. Unfortunately, it was too windy so Missy didn't get to ride the roller coaster like she wanted. :) After the stratosphere we took a cab to the old Vegas to zipline. It was so cold and really late but it was a lot of fun, and something that I have never done before. It was a great last night out!

we zip lined under the canopy of lights. It was really neat.
In our limo on the way to the airport, ready to head home to our families. I am sad that this trip is coming to a close but very excited to see my boys. I am already thinking of where to go next!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

when daddy's home alone...

While I was away in Vegas, Geoffrey was home with the boys. I wasn't too worried for him until the only text messages I was getting looked a little something like this...

a sick little baby, with a really high fever...
a gum incident, apparently Jayden was done with his gum and decided that Alex needed it. Unfortunately for Alex, Daddy didn't discover it until was very dry out and stuck!

And this one went a little something like this... Daddy was practicing baseball with Jayden and Alex went up behind him in mid-swing and instead of Jayden hitting the ball, he hit his brothers head. All I could say to Geoffrey is, Welcome to my world!! Let's just say that Geoffrey is beyond grateful for me and is missing me now. I am glad that he is getting a real dose of what my daily tasks include. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012


I am 28!! Can you believe it? Well you might but, I can't! I hate that I am getting closer to 30 and farther away from my 20's. It makes me kinda sad because I am seeing how fast time really does move. Anyways, enough of the pity party. I had a great birthday! My boys took this birthday girl to stay a couple of nights at Universal. We all had a blast riding rides, eating lots of treats, and playing by the pool. We stayed out late and played until we could play no more! I was spoiled with gifts and showered with lots of birthday love, I felt very special! Thanks to my boys who always no how to treat their mommy with lots of love!

we always start our day at the parks with some good old dippin dots!

of course we got our faces painted...
a birthday lunch at Hard Rock!
playing by the pool...

On the way home daddy stopped and got me a great wall of chocolate cake, its a favorite of mine! It was a huge and very delicious piece of birthday cake. The boys sang sweet songs to me and we all ate our yummy treat. It was a sweet way to end my birthday weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2012

monkeying around...

Monkey Joe's we love you!! We haven't been here in soo long. The boys were very excited to play and jump! They both have good memories of this place and have been a lot. Landon was new to this place but that didn't let it stop him from having a great time. What a great place to jump and play!

Field trip to the Farm

It's Field trip day and we are heading to the Strawberry Patch! Jayden and Alex were very excited about this, even though they have been to the patch many times already. Friends always make things more fun! We picked berries, did a hay ride, played, and really got dirty. A great day!
Landon saying cheese to the camera
hard at work
Alex knows that team work is the way to get things done
taste testing... making sure everything is yummy..

Alex wasn't eating lots of strawberries now was he? :)

the fruits of their labors... delish!