Saturday, April 30, 2011


There was a time about 4-5 years ago I thought that this would only be a dream and not something I would ever see or have. I want these three boys to know that I am sooo happy to be their mommy and never take these swinging moments for granted!

Friday, April 29, 2011

wise boys built a house upon the floor...

How do my boys watch their favorite shows? In a tent made of couch cushions, drinking their lemonade, of course.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Orlando Science Center

Missy invited us to tag along with her to the Orlando Science Center. The kids had a blast and liked exploring the different exhibits. Alex loved the car mechanic area, he loved fixing it up. When it was time to go the boys cried and pleaded with me not to go the whole way to the car. I guess this means we will be back.

petting a baby alligator, Alex said No-Way!

I told them to act scared of the T-Rex and this is what I got!
This is Jayden and Payton Wise reporting for the Channel 9 news..
someone was way excited to be there...

The boys really liked the golfing. Jayden got 2 hole in 1's! And Alex well watch out Tiger!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

school snapshots

Every month I(plus baby Landon) have to go in to Alex's class and volunteer and this week they insisted on making me take silly pictures of them. This class is a riot they all think they are such big kids and the funny thing is they are all just 2! Here is Alex and Bryce.

Below is poor Landon who sometimes gets taken for a wild ride. They really do love baby Landon and Alex is more than willing to show him off.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

photo booth fun

Geoffrey got me a new laptop and I have discovered the photo booth. Let's just say its pretty amusing and the kids love to see what we all look like. They laughed and laughed! It's harder than it looks squeezing all of us into the camera, as you can see Jayden is squishing my head!

This is probably an accurate portrayal of my life. Jayden looking like he's getting into trouble, Alex screaming(loudly), me going crazy, and poor Landon looking at us all like we're NUTS!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter morning we woke up to find a messy trail the Easter bunny left for us. That silly bunny made a mess of grass and eggs all the way to their baskets! The boys were all so excited when they saw what he had left for them.
There were fish nets, tennis rackets, and an orca book, and lots of candy!

Landon checking out his Easter eggs

trying on his new towel
I think this little guy likes Easter

on our way to Church

I tried to get some pictures after church but, they were way over it!

Before everyone came over for dinner my grandpa and grandma Debi came over and gave out some more treats and the Easter bunny left us some more eggs to find. And these had money in them which made my boys run real fast to find them!

Time to eat!
my cake pops I made with the boys!
After dinner everyone headed outside to play and explore

some went for a skinny dip...

Grandpa's lap was the perfect spot to pass out after a hard day's play...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grandma's Easter Party

Today is Grandma's Easter Party and we had a blast! Ate good food and lots of it, went swimming like crazy, jumped on the trampoline until are legs couldn't stand it, and then hunted lots of eggs at the park. Aren't my Easter bunnies cute?!
this little guy loves to jump..
His present from Grandma and Papa
Shamu trainer and rambo
whale trainers hard at work...
Enjoying the pool...
Some of the crew
daddy and Alex
go Payton
Go Daddy! or should I say Shamu trainer!!
This dolphin is crazy! hold on Britters!