Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sick sick sick

I hate stomach bugs!!! Go away little monster germs! I am sick of washing gross bedding, and cleaning nasty surfaces! I hate seeing them so miserable! Poor Jayden has it the worst and is dehydrated and Landon is dealing with this bug for the second time! Only my skinny Alex is getting better so far. Hopefully by the weekend we will be back to smiles and happy chaos! Did I mention this is all happening during spring break! What a gross spring break to have!! I just might have to book a do-over spring break!! ;)

Grandmas Easter party

Every year after we do the baskets and go to church in our Sunday best we head off to grandmas house for an Easter party. We enjoy lots of good food and company and of course an egg hunt! This year however the big boys had to sit out church and grandmas party. :( Jayden and Alex were sad to miss out on the party and playing with the cousins but they were just too sick. Landon had a great time though driving the boat with Papa, eating way too much candy, and playing at the lake. The boys did make a cute Easter treat to share with their cousins, they worked hard to make it cute.
This is what my little man's hair looks like after a boat ride. :)

Easter morning

It's Easter morning and that means that the bunny has come to leave us treats! I love love Easter! I think it's so fun seeing their surprised faces in their morning. This Easter wasn't as fun as past years because my little guys were very sick. They looked through the baskets and then headed back to the couch:( Jayden and Alex loved their Wild Kratt shirts and Landon was very happy to see a golf club and balls in his basket! I am thinking next weekend I will do a redo of the egg hunt since my guys missed it!

Spring break fun!

Since the weather this spring break has been on the frigid side, we decided to for go the pool and head to downtown Disney to play for the day. We hit the bowling alley up to play and eat some lunch. The cousins had a great time throwing the balls around. It was a little crazy with 7 small bowlers but it was fun! After the bowling alley we headed to the Lego store to play and then we had to go to the dinosaur restaurant for some prehistoric dessert! The kids all were amazed by the volcano cake and the dinosaurs that surrounded us! We had a great day making some fun memories with everyone!

Movie night

I haven't been feeling so great lately so I thought the perfect family night would be a movie night. All my boys big and small love going to the movie theaters. They all love the icees and candy, it's something about sitting in the theaters it just makes them smile!

Bath bubbles galore

It's spring break and we are staying at the Omni in Orlando for a couple of days with the cousins. The weather is less than warm rather its freezing so instead is swimming outside we are improvising and making the bathtub a hot tub with bubbles. The only problem is that I poured a little to much soap in with the jets and now we are overflowing bubbles! The kids all loved it, they enjoyed their bubble bliss! Too bad bath time can't always be this full of bubbles.

Jaydens class party

It's spring time and that means Easter parties!! This morning I was able to do Jayden's class party. I love being able to help the teachers out and to do special things for the kids. The kids had a blast at the party and did lots of fun things. They colored eggs, played games, ate some yummy treats, and finished off with an Easter egg hunt! Jayden had fun and I enjoyed seeing him smile.

Jaydens trip to strawberry patch

Today Jayden is very excited about his class trip to the strawberry patch. He loves being at the farm and is especially excited to play there with his friends. I was able to spend the morning with just him there, grandma kept the younger boys.:) I love getting some one on one time with this big boy!! It was great to see him laugh and just be a boy with his friends. He is growing all too fast!

St Patrick's day!

It's St. Patrick's day again! The boys are all excited to see what the little leprechaun has left them! This year Larry the leprechaun has left some gold to find, his favorite breakfast and he left some foot prints around the house. The boys loved the ones in the bathroom, they couldn't quite laughing about it. This day of green is quickly becoming a favorite around here!