Wednesday, September 29, 2010

high stepper...

My little man is obsessed with shoes and the shoes that he likes to wear the most are my shoes!! The higher the heel the better for him. He loves my high heels because they make so much noise around the house. If ever I don't know where Alex is, the first place I check are the closets!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


What do little boys do while mommy is nesting like crazy??

anything they want! What nesting clean freak mommy wouldn't want playdough everywhere?

this kid has style huh? this is the mommy's too busy nesting and cleaning to get me dressed so I do it on my own look. ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

where's Alex?

I asked Geoffrey to take out the trash and while he was doing that someone thought it would make a great place to hide. (only a boy would choose this hiding place;))
where's Alex?

there he is?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mickeys' not so scary Halloween

This weekend we went to Mickey's not so scary Halloween party and we loved it!! It was so much fun for everyone, the weather was nice, no long lines, and endless amounts of candy. I really enjoy going to Disney but the only time we ever really make it there is for Mickey's Christmas party so this was a real treat! I am pretty sure that this is yet another Wise family tradition in the making!

Alex controlling the ride on Buzz Lightyear, he almost made me sick spinning the cart as much as he did.
Get'em Jayden!
Trick or Treat!
Alex was big enough this year to go on the race cars and boy was he excited! He watched so intently at the other people go by that he could barely stand himself when it was his turn to go.
Alex driving mommy around and man was it a crazy couple of laps...Nascar better watch out for Alex Wise....
trick or treating ... I was so proud of these boys using their manners and saying Thank you after getting their treats...

running to the next candy stop...
all around the park they had little games set up where the kids could play to win stickers, prizes and candy. The boys were stopping at every game hoping to win something.

we got a front row seat for the parade and it was great! The boys loved it! The waved at anyone and anything, the characters were all really nice and kept coming right up to the them to say hello.
These spooky characters ran right up to the boys to yell BOO! at them, the boys just laughed and said hello back..

Courtney's Shower

Today I threw a bridal shower for Courtney. I used plum and like a bright green and I thought it turned out really pretty. Sarah came up to stay with me to help get everything ready and boy did I really need it. It's so fun now that everyone is getting married and growing up. We have all known each other for so long now, that it is just neat to be there for everyone's special moments.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sweet dreams

Right before I took this picture I was laying on the other side of Alex thinking,"My Heavenly Father must love me soo much to give me these precious boys." Sweet dreams boys.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

happy boy

This is the face of a boy who knows he gets to stay up and play with us all by himself because big brother fell asleep early! Oh happy day!!

girls night out!!

Tonight me and my favorite girls hit the streets of Winter Park for a girls night out! We met for dinner at Brio (one of my favorite places to eat), where I was sprinkled with a lot of love from these girls,I got cute little outfits, a cover for baby Landon, a pretty necklace, cute pj's, and a lot more. Then we window shopped a little bit and then headed off for dessert at Cheesecake Factory. I had a blast and just love getting to hang out with these friends. Thank you girls for making me feel so special and loved.

Friday, September 17, 2010


We decided to treat ourselves and the boys to a trip to Universal after making it through our family pictures. We thought that it wouldn't be so warm and crowded. We were right about the crowds but not so much about the weather. Besides the heat we had fun meeting Rick, Linda, Britton, Natalie, Katelyn, Macie, and Merrik there. The kids loved just playing and running around like crazy.

look at these little hams...
tickling baby Merrik's piggies..
taking Pa Pa on one fish, two fish....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

toy story 3 on ice

Today is the big day.... Toy Story on Ice!!! These littles boys were way excited and have been waiting for a couple of months now for the day of the show. We had really good seats and the boys just watched intently at all the characters dancing and skating around. A couple times the boys even got up and started dancing too. Natalie came with us too and I think she and I had just as much fun as the boys did.

Showing each other their new light up toys, look how happy they are...
watching and clapping for the show to begin...

Alex is giving me the look to quit taking pictures and let him watch the show!

I know this boy is going to be girl crazy when he was staring at the Barbie's like this!!