Monday, October 31, 2011

fall festival

It's Halloween morning and to start off the holiday festivities we are heading to school to have a Fall Festival. The boys are excited and are ready to go party!!
Jayden's class ...
Alex's class....

Hungry Caterpillar and the butterfly....

Landon is looking for the party...

He made a friend..

happy halloween

Happy Halloween!! We are very excited about todays' activities. The boys love Halloween and everything spooky so as you can guess we (well they) have been counting down the minutes to trick or treat.
These are their candy smiles! They are no fools, they know what their about go do!! My FireFighter, Hungry Caterpillar, and Captain America are ready to go!
Alex wasn't so turned on by the candy choices at this house!!

Jayden couldn't get to the houses fast enough to get the candy. He was having a great time but the other two well, let's just say that weren't feeling it as much.. ( they both eventually came around and had a blast too)

Trick or Treat!!! (I was a butterfly, that's why I was rockin' the crazy leggings)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

primary program

What a busy busy week!! Not only is it the week of Halloween, Britton's Birthday, Landon's 1st Birthday, it is also the boys Primary Program! I am so thankful that my we are able to slow down this morning and be taught by these precious spirits. My boys are always teaching me how to be more like Christ and showing me how to be better. I love the spirit they bring into our home and I am so proud of them for doing what is right!

Our Hungry Caterpillar is ONE!

Baby Landon is 1!! His first year has went by soo fast! I can't believe that he is walking and talking and growing so fast. I love everything about this little guy! When I was thinking about him and how fast time is going I immediately knew what theme his party would be. The Hungry Caterpillar. This sweet story talks about a little caterpillar who changes into a butterfly while eating everything along the way. It is so fun to watch Landon go from a tiny baby to an active baby boy. He is growing into a handsome and smart little guy. Happy Happy Birthday Landon!! We love you very very much!!
Heres some decorations...

The kids even got to hunt for a caterpillar..

My caterpillar was VERY hungry!!